Feel IT is a team of three Italian tour leaders, Stefania, Laura and Silvana.

We are specialized in experience tours in Emilia-Romagna and Veneto. We have a good knowledge of food, history of art and of the natural side of these two regions.

We plan tours in order to give the travelers not only a great quality tour, but also an experience/memories that they will keep in their mind forever. We would love people to experience what they've been dreaming of, living the pure and real Italian culture, through authentic activities. 



 The main activities that we propose are:

Discovering the making of our most authentic food products, such as the Parmigiano Reggiano, the Parma Ham, the traditional Vinegar of Modena etc.

Strolling along the spectacular wine roads and tasting delicious wines (obviously!), hiking all around the hills of Bologna,

cycling tour of Laguna Veneta

Cooking classes with a professional chef or with a typical italian "Mamma" (an ordinary Italian housewife)

Driving an authentic Fiat 500 of 72's, perfect for zipping around the city

Every tour can be tailored to suit to any size groups or to individual tours.

Besides our tailor designed tours, we are available to lead the travelers all around Italy, showing them wonderful landscapes from the north to the south of our country.



LANGUAGES: English, French, German

HOBBIES: Climbing, eating good, Nature


When she's not hanging on a mountain's wall, you may find her on a kayak or riding a bike... Surely with Laura you'll not get bored! And when she takes a rest, it's always sipping a good glass of wine, obviously produced in her region, Veneto.

Padua is her city, the Dolomites her home; she loves Venice and she knows it since her childhood.

With Laura you'll see very nice places, especially the secret ones!

LANGUAGES: Japanese, English
HOBBIES: Japan, cooking muffins


Born in Campania, she lives now in Bologna, after two years spent in Tokyo.From the Japanese culture she got a certain zen calm and the aptitude for enjoying the small daily joys.
She is the "meticulous" of the team, she loves traveling and walking around the beautiful Bologna, with eyes full of wonder and an enthusiastic heart.

She can't wait to share this beauty with you!



HOBBIES: Thai boxe, travelling


She's an overwhelming girl. She's constantly looking for new experience to live and to share. Things that make her happy: walking around Bologna, having parties and dinner with her friends, travelling around the world. Last but not least, she loves thai boxing, a life-long passion, she's been practising it for 11 years and there isn't sign she gives up.